the divine wisdom of not needing to be right

Releasing the need to be right feels, to me, like being in a sweat lodge. Have you ever done that? You first enter the lodge and immediately think, “Oh helllllllll no. No way. I can’t do this.” But you take a breath and decide that you’re going to give it a go (mostly because someone […]

the fear of caring and the courage to give a damn

The critics who site narcissism as the reason behind sweeping tides of apathy in the realms of politics and social justice are getting it wrong. In most cases, people aren’t even apathetic. They care, deeply. In fact, the truth is that we are afraid to confront how much we really care. To acknowledge how much […]

Coming December 12th: The Free 2015 Courageous Living Planner

  Free for subscribers on Friday, December 12th: The 2015 Courageous Living Planner. Note: this is a different kind of “planner.” It’s not about setting to-do lists of goals, or achieving in order to feel like enough. It’s about honoring the truth of 2014, and finding a guided way to establish what you desire for […]