the 2014 recap: what did you learn this year?

First, my best moment. The moment that was everything: meeting Anika Jane. June 2, 2014. And now on to the lessons: 1. Forget about “being realistic.” This is an oldie, but goodie. I’ve lost count of how many times someone has told me to “be realistic” about something I deeply desired. I lead with this […]

how to change the world

I had just read about a terrible act of terrorism. There are so many of them that sharing which one will seem almost comical to anyone who reads this post a year from now; they all sound so alike that they blend together. This one involved children. And this year, I became a mother. And […]

we just don’t know (and that’s okay)

It was a busy day, and I had a doctor’s appointment. I was taking the elevator to get to the ground floor of the parking garage, listening to messages on my phone as I walked. A man and woman were standing there, chatting, and we all got onto the elevator, together. There was a sudden, […]