It might get harder before it gets better (but it won’t be harder, forever)

Back when I was dating (a decade ago!) I would date The Wrong Guy. Every time I dated The Wrong Guy, at some point long before I sounded the initial “It’s time to break up” alarms, there was always some moment where it was crystal clear to me that this guy was not happening for […]

How I know that you’re doing great

I hadn’t known Tiffany Han that well, until this past year. She birthed her babies several months before I had my daughter. Somewhere around the six-week mark with my daughter, I felt…nuts. Scary, broken-from-reality-sleep-deprived nuts. Major lifestyle change–husband had been offered a cushy job a week before I gave birth, and I was suddenly and […]

You’re not lazy. You’re just afraid.

  You’re not lazy, you know. You’re just afraid. That’s why you buy up self-help programs and sign up for e-courses and then don’t actually implement the changes. You’re afraid, hon. Just afraid. No biggie. We all are. You think you’re missing something. You think that other people “get it” and you don’t. Nope. There […]