you matter

What you think, matters. What you believe, matters. What you create, matters. What you desire, matters. What you want, matters. It all matters. You matter. So many people think, “It’s all been done before. It doesn’t really matter, anyway. No one will notice.” Here’s the thing: you will notice. You will notice when you keep […]

how to stand up for yourself

I used to think that to “stand up for myself,” I had to do something. Say something. Make a declaration. But here’s the thing–my fierce factor is lightning fast. I grew up in an environment where it was imperative to stand up to a bully immediately, showing them you weren’t taking any shit, so that […]

fear that it’s all been done, before

The fear that it’s all been done before is really a fear that other people won’t like it. In other words, it’s a fear of not having other people’s approval. Examine Your Motivations So why do you want to do your thing, anyway? Why do you want to become a yoga teacher, or become a […]