15 ways to be the happiest person you know

1. Break up routines. Take a different route to drop the kids off, order a different drink at the coffee shop, buy one book from a different section of the bookstore. 2. Build sabbaticals into your life. A day, an hour, a week, whatever your life will accommodate. And if you’re a mom (like me), […]

consistently feeling happy

What would I say to you, over cappuccinos and biscotti, if you told me that you have trouble with creating a new habit and then consistently following through? Yeah, me too. Consistency is tough for 99.9% of the people on the planet. It involves knowing what habit you want to change, knowing how to change […]

Not getting what you want? Good!

“The people who really care about you will go the extra mile for you.” This is popular self-help dogma. And, it’s not true. In my twenties, I ruined at least three friendships because I believed that someone who cared about me should show up for me in a very exacting, certain way. They would essentially […]