how to let people know that you’ve decided to change

You’ve decided: you’re changing. You’re not going to argue with your husband, anymore. You’re not going to stay late to work, anymore. You’re changing careers. You’re selling everything and moving to Italy. You’re going to quit drinking, smoking, over-eating, using a substance. Sometimes, you can just…change. Do it, and people take notice and that’s all […]

Do it for the love

Early in my online career, I was exploring my own creativity. I was submitting short stories to literary magazines, painting and entering my work into local art shows, watercoloring, making jewelry, and holding portrait sessions. Before that, I’d hung out a shingle creating websites for small businesses, enjoying my time in Photoshop (but ultimately hating […]

what to do when you feel totally lost and confused

So. You landed here because you’re feeling lost and confused, and you’d like some concrete help with shifting and transforming that. Since 2006, I’ve helped more than a few people with that feeling of “lost and confused,” helping them to shift from confused, to clarity. Lost and Confused: Help is Here First, when you’re feeling […]