what we are seeking is devotion

We are a culture that is fascinated by lifestyle options. Paleo diet. Yogini. Raw foods. Triathlete. This religion. That religion. Super-successful MBA becomes CEO, Fortune 500. All-natural attachment parent mama. Tiger mom. What’s your excuse? mom. Double income, no kids–my life is sooooo much freer than all of those moms tied down by kids! Environmentalist. […]

Finding Your Voice in the Crowded Sea of the Internet

“In a room where 
people unanimously maintain 
a conspiracy of silence, 
one word of truth 
sounds like a pistol shot.” ― Czeslaw Milosz Here’s the fear: What if I’m not saying anything original? How do I find my voice? Your Voice Is… What you care most deeply about. What you’re a stand for. What you […]