finishing things you start

Look–if you’re reading this, you already know whether or not you’re someone who needs to work on finishing things you start , –or if you’re someone who is good at finishing things you start and actually, that’s a perfectionistic whip that you lash yourself with. This post is for the people who feel stuck in […]

courage is for everyone

“Everyone is talking about courage, these days,” a friend said to me. “Do you ever feel weird about that? Like you’ve been talking about it, all these years, and suddenly other people are co-opting it?” I’ve been doing the self-help thing since I was a teenager, in some form or another. A couple decades of […]

finding courage

Dear You, People talk about finding courage. But really, you’re not “finding courage.” You’re practicing courage, creating it as a daily and consistent practice of walking into the fire of your fear and emerging as a braver, even more courageous self. Important: this is not just semantics! When you walk with the mindset that you’re […]