how to trust yourself

If you want to learn how to trust yourself, you’ve got to start unpacking your fear-based thinking and habits, and then start to understand where you look for “the” answer in the form of something external or the circumstances being “just right” (for instance, when we think that before we can be courageous people, something […]

what I learned this year: 2015

When I reflect back on 2015, by far the fastest year of my life, gone in a flash, what I’ve learned wasn’t so much a series of life lessons–which is usually what I talk about in these annual posts–as it is a great question. The great question was this: How do you want to spend […]

managing your emotional triggers

Sometimes, we decide that we’re going to make big life changes–and other people don’t react well. This becomes an emotional trigger, a “pushed button,” for you. Instead of reacting, learning about managing your emotional triggers. This video helps you to notice and start managing your emotional triggers, getting present even when others don’t like what […]