commit to yourself

It’s time to commit to yourself. You might have tried to commit to yourself, before, and found that you started and then stopped–so watch this video to learn why that happens and how to really commit to yourself and the things that are important to you, for good. 1. Let go of projects that no […]

fear of change

When we have fear of change, we start to break commitments. Watch this video to learn how fear of change might be keeping you stuck and making finishing what you start, more difficult. 1. Understand how to handle the fear of change 2. Learn about the part of you that is struggling to create safety […]

how to meditate

Everyone has heard that meditation is good for you, but many wonder how to meditate . Others have tried to meditate before, but they get too restless with traditional meditation. (How can you learn how to meditate if it presents so many hurdles that you feel like you can’t get started?). I’m all about leaning […]