pleasure, first

I was sitting down to have lunch with Andrea Scher at a cafe in Berkeley, California. “So what’s new with you?” she asked. I leaned forward, a little giddy, feeling like I was about to tell a secret. “Well,” I began, “I’ve been really fucking happy, because I figured out this thing.” “Oooooh, what’s that?” […]

growth and healing

Who are you, today? What has your growth and healing taught you? No one gets through life without experiencing painful things. That’s the no-b.s. truth. But the people who are happiest tend to look at their lives and “re-frame,” or, as I say it, “add the gold.” They look for how the tough circumstances that […]

why it’s fine that you’re (not) internet famous

People decide that they’ll start some sort of online business. They pull together a marketing plan. A year later, they’re disappointed. They’ve had a proportionate amount of success to the consistency of their marketing plan–which is to say that the people who super-hustled are seeing moderate success, and they’re going, “For serious? I hustled that […]