devotion is the doorway

There’s a part of me that is gleeful in sharing with the trainees in our life coach certification that I spent something like two years working with my own coach, Matthew, being resistant. I argued with my coach. I paid money to come to sessions and then didn’t do any of the work that he […]

I wouldn’t presume

Someone told me that when they first met me and I introduced myself as a life coach, they’d hesitated before becoming friends, purely based on the job title. “It seems like most life coaches are running around thinking they know how people should be living their lives,” they said. And together, now friends, we rolled […]

when you’re not sure you can do it

I’m always reminding people: just because I understand how fear works, doesn’t mean that I no longer experience it. Also, trying to never experience fear is a huge waste of time. It’s because of those two truths that I can tell you that I’m training for… a half-Ironman. 1.2 mile swim, 56 miles on the […]