Personal Responsibility : “This isn’t mine.”

Want the audio of this? Listen or download, below. Awhile ago, I was seeing some craziness unfold, in real-time. Someone had sent me what is, officially, the Nastiest Email I’ve Ever Been Sent. It was an email loaded with the clear intention of cruelty and unkindness, so much so that within only a paragraph, I […]

dealing with fear

I once said in an interview: “The more that you deal with fear, the less often fear will show up at the beginning of the journey. Instead of “I don’t even think I can start this,” it becomes, “What if I don’t finish this?” When you deal with fear, it morphs and changes how it […]

who would you "have to" be?

There was a session when my coach/counselor/mentor Matthew looked at me really directly, straight in the eye, and said: “You realize that if you embrace this kind of work, you’re stepping into a whole different way of being in the world.” The power of that statement was full body sizzling resonance. At at the same […]