how to deal with stress

Y’all. I got a book deal. The day that my editor called and said, “We want to buy your book!” I was feeling like this: And then, quite suddenly, things were moving quickly. – Contract for my attorney to review and for me to sign. – First few chapters due (already? Yes. Already). – New […]

what no one talks about, when they talk about how to be courageous

Sometimes, right before bed and even when I’m tired, I will suddenly find that I can’t sleep. I’ll feel a low-grade anxiety, and it’s difficult to pinpoint what it’s about. So my husband—he’s such a champ—and I will pull on jackets and take a few loops up and down the block, and we’ll talk about […]

creating healthy habits for kids

I’ll be honest: when it comes to kids and parenting, I keep most of my opinions to myself. I loathe the Mommy Wars, and especially when I was the mother of a newborn, I felt like I was under some kind of intense scrutiny with how I was parenting. My research into habit-formation and how […]