Letting things go

Every time another email came in from a lawyer, I’d read it and kind of shake my head. Really? Seriously? This is…this is so…crazy. Then I’d read it, again. Sometimes there were outright lies, other times just a manipulation of facts. Someone was throwing down some nonsense, in the name of…competition? Or something? I wasn’t […]

On finding the holy grail of self help (and why you need to ditch your dogma)

Most people I’ve met who are doing some kind of self-help work will hit on something that for them, really resonates. Then they declare, “I tried so many other things—and THIS is what REALLY works!” They think they’ve found the Holy Grail of self-help. They become evangelists for it. Sometimes, a shadow self emerges that […]

when it’s ready, it transforms

Sometimes when I meet my own stuck places, I find that the mantra that comforts me the most when I’m still right here in the messy, yet-to-be-transformed place but I wish I was over there in the nice, happy, transformed place, is this: “When something is ready to transform, it transforms.” This is about acceptance. […]