Making your soul’s calling the priority

In this short snippet of our longer interview for the Courageous Living Program, L’Erin Alta of and I have a rich conversation about the process of fully becoming who you are, and how to hone in on the intuitive voice within and use it for guidance as you make decisions. Get the full interviews […]

Courageous conversations with Andrea Ranae Johnson

In this short snippet, I talk with Andrea Ranea Johnson about leadership and liberation. She brings a unique spin to coaching by combining activism and awareness, asking the tough questions about commitments, identity and real world problems. Interesting in checking out the rest of the conversation? Get the full interviews by checking out the Courageous […]

Outrunning despair

I was staring at the news. Hurricanes on top of hurricanes. Politicians ending dreams. Fires on top of fires. I thought of my home and imagined how it would feel if everything I owned was sitting in four feet of water. Or if I’d been separated from my family and didn’t know where they were. […]