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A few more questions for Kate Courageous, a bay area life coach


Courageous living has become my specialty, and I use it as a revolutionary tool for evolutionary growth in my life, and to support the lives of others. I’m a bay area life coach who started her practice in 2006 and grew from there. I’m the author of the Courage Habit, as well as the creator of the Courageous Living Coach Certification for those who wish to become a life coach. Here are a few other questions I’m sometimes asked:


1.)Are you a New Age person? A religious person? A woo-woo person? I think the more important question is not what I’m about, but really–will I respect your spiritual practice, or lack thereof? The answer is: yes. I don’t attach myself solely to one particular spiritual practice, though I tend towards the practicalities of Buddhism. I find the sacred in lots of things: yoga, meditation (laughter, seated, pranayama, and otherwise), being in nature, chocolate, good coffee, connection with friends…all of it. I’m interested in the empirical, yet I don’t like getting caught up in absolutes.

3.)Do you work with life coaching clients from outside of the San Francisco Bay Area? Absolutely. I hold sessions via phone and have clients throughout the United States, Canada, and in Europe and Asia. Some of my clients use Skype to call my local line. San Francisco Bay Area life coach clients are more than welcome to get in touch with me, though these days most of my work is devoted to speaking and my life coach training program, the Courageous Living Coach Certification, which is also based in the san francisco bay area.

4.) As a life coach, will you tell me what to do with my life? Nope. I’m trusting that you know more about what’s best for you than I do. I am an invitation for change, not a “how-to” or a dictator or a guru for change. I will challenge you. I will “hold up a mirror,” so to speak, so that you can see your patterns more clearly.