“Feminine power can change the world.” — Danielle LaPorte


When I wrote The Courageous Living Program, I focused an entire module around power.

When we aren’t claiming and working with our fear, we are not stepping into our power.

Now–I understand, more than you can imagine, what a well-worn phrase “stepping into power” can be. My bullshit-detector being as finely sensitive as it is, I have to control my facial muscles when some new self-help guru starts spouting the “live with power” cheese.

So know this: I am saying with all authentic seriousness that claiming and working with fear is necessary to stepping into our power, and that we need to step into our power because when we don’t, everyone loses. When we don’t work with our fear, we cut ourselves off from our power.

So I contacted Danielle about being interviewed for the Courageous Living Program around feminine power, and how it can revolutionize the world. In the interview, we discussed:

  • What’s behind women under-valuing themselves?
  • Why “feminine power”?
  • What do we do when we fear being perceived as weak, and how is that related to power?

This is just a small piece of a much more comprehensive interview. You can get the whole interview (as well as interviews with other powerful women, such as Brene Brown) as part of the Courageous Living Program.

Note: Check out the print release of The Fire Starter Sessions, here.