claim your wisdom

Take what you like, leave the rest. After you take what you like and leave the rest, “ascend your throne.”

Claim the answers that feel true to you about how life works. Say to the world at large: here’s what I think after experiencing what I’ve experienced, and I think it’s damned powerful and might even help you, too.

Ascend the throne! Not in the sense of having anyone else’s answers, but in the sense of claiming your own answers! You are the best expert on your life, and you have something worth sharing. Abso-fucking-lutely.

Ascend Your Throne

You have stuff to say, stuff to share, perspectives that matter. Whether or not you choose to start a business with that stuff is not the point I’m getting at. What I want to know is: Are you fully claiming your answers?

Do you realize that you are in fact the expert on your life? That your unique perspective is worthy and valuable?

You have lived a life. You’ve seen things, done things, made mistakes (are there really any mistakes?), grown, shifted. You’ll do more of that, sure–and are you trying to hold out for when you’ve “done more” before you’ll claim that right here, right now you’re a powerful badass who knows what your life is about better than anyone else?

Claim it now. Ascend the throne of you. You are your own best expert on living your life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.