How do you make the decision to become a life coach?

I get this email, all of the time. What factors should one consider? How much money do life coaches make? How do you get training to become a certified life coach? Is it okay to become a life coach online or is an in-person training program better?

As I write in The Coaching Blueprint, this is a highly individual process. Many coaches have many different ways of setting up their practices, and that’s why The Coaching Blueprint includes more than 20+ different video interviews with coaches in which you get insider details on how they set up their own practices.

But if you’re trying to decide–do I want to become a life coach?–there are a few things to consider. The following life coaches contributed to this free e-book, Considering Coaching, sharing their thoughts on the process of deciding whether or not to become a life coach.

Here are a few things that other seasoned coaches had to say:


Molly Mahar, — “I love that I get to have deep conversations almost every day. I love that in addition to being a coach, I also get to wear the shoes of teacher, mentor, and inspirational-in-real-life gal’.”

Sherry Richert Belul, — ” Coaching is a commitment to being absolutely present for someone else. And I can’t do that without being completely present for myself. I am always energized, grounded, and connected after calls with clients.

Hannah Marcotti, — “I have a large community of women who I support and hold space for and this is the most delicious, filling work I can imagine. When they share with me how they are growing into themselves, healing, moving, loving…my heart expands.”

Heather Day,— “For me it wasn’t so much inspiration to be a life coach- it was, “Oh my god, you mean I can what comes naturally to me and make a living?”

Michelle Ward, — “It’s a lot of work, and if you can’t do it full-time right out of the gate (I couldn’t!), it’s gonna eat up your nights/weekends and could take years. You have to make sure you’re ready for that – the long hours, the repeated “no”‘s to social invites, the sacrifice of free time and happy hours and birthday parties. The only thing that makes it worthwhile is if you love it while you’re doing it.”

Rachel Cole, — “I was passionate about empowering people. When I took a seminar in coaching in grad school I knew it was exactly what I was put on earth to do”.

Debra Smouse, — “In many ways, I think I was a Life Coach before I ever applied that role to my life officially. I have been self-employed since 2003 as a consultant. I realized that the clients who hired me weren’t just looking at my professional skills, but at my insights into business and life”.

Laura Simms, — “When I was in a career transition, coaching kept coming up for me. My previous run-ins with coaches gave me the courage and curiosity to check it out.”

Tamarisk Saunders-Davies, — “It’s the most uniquely privileged job in the world! There’s something about the incredible alchemy of being the right person at the right time with the right question that provides an incredible catalyst for change in another person that tops everything else”.

Amy Kessell,— “I feel most alive and fulfilled when I connect deeply with others; I love to listen for what isn’t spoken in words, and to call out what I see. Coaching is a way for me to use my gifts in a way that is of service to others.”

Jennifer Louden, — “I had always worked with people in retreats and workshops and thought I having a coaching framework would be a great way to continue and deepen that work.”

Rachelle Mee Chapman, — “In working with other coaches, I realized that coaching is a way to help and to grow alongside people, which suits my preference for a teaching-learning model of personal development”.

Toni McKlellan, — “Becoming a coach for creative people dovetails nicely with running retreats for creative people. It’s a different sort of energy, and I like that variety. I can work on planning and hosting retreats and also work one-on-one without having to plan or travel anywhere.”



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