breathing space: a life of ease


Yep, life is busy–but overwhelm is not inevitable.
You can be high-functioning, without being highly-stressed.

These are the voices of overwhelm. Sound familiar?

“I’m tired of starting each day with a focus, but then getting caught up in distractions.”
“I want to stop feeling stress about my to-do list.”
“I keep putting huge expectations on myself, and it’s never enough.”
“Why is it so hard to relax?”
“There’s always more and more to do, but with less and less time.”


The Breathing Space Circle teaches you how to get unhooked from overwhelm.
It’s not a “how to get organized” course.
It’s not a meditation course.

The Breathing Space Circle teaches a wide range of tools–from cognitive-behavioral shifts, to time hacks, to relaxation methods–to help you live a life where you can get things done, without feeling completely overwhelmed.


“The practices that Kate offered us to do each week were not time-consuming–thank goodness!–but were very thought-provoking and shape shifting. They were simple practices with the potential for big impact.”

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What We Cover

Space creation. Busy people often tell me that they wish they had more ROOM in their lives. I’ll guide you through a visual mapping process for clearly identifying where you can create space for what matters, most.

Priority alignment. Busy people feel stressed when they’ve got competing priorities (and don’t want to compromise). We’ll help you to establish your personal baseline priorities, and stop sacrificing sleep + self-care, to get things done.

Overhauling overwhelm. Stop being run by overwhelm. I’ll teach you a cognitive-behavioral approach for handling overwhelm when it arises. Our approach has been called “life-changing” by past participants.

“Kate, your leadership was so amazing. This group has seriously been a life-changing experience for me. Your ability to listen closely and provide amazing individual coaching within the group in a way that allowed all of us to learn from each other was truly fantastic.”

Registration now open. What’s included:

  • Four live group coaching calls. February 29, March 7, 15, 21st. 1pm Pacific time.
  • The complete Breathing Space curriculum, including the Overwhelm Overhaul process and audios for you to keep.
  • The “Saying No, Letting Go” cheat sheet.
  • The Bottom-Line Health sheet.
  • Cost: $300. You’ll be able to immediately download a pre-session audio bonus.
“Being mindful of what I’ve learned in “Breathing Space” and practicing these new tools is already making a difference I can see and feel. I feel much less overwhelmed and much more empowered.
“The experience of being in this “Breathing Space” group has given me some important and empowering tools to better respond to stress and overwhelm. Although I knew, prior to being this group, that my sense of overwhelm was heightened or lowered by how I respond in and to situations, “Breathing Space” gave me some practical and easy-to-use new tools to apply in my life so that I can more easily unpack the feelings contributing to overwhelm (as the situation is happening) and thereby have a healthier response to stress.”


kate courageous kate swoboda life coach The Breathing Space Circle started when I was researching overwhelm as part of a graduate school course. In my research, I learned that while organizational systems and relaxation techniques are helpful…

…if you’re going to (truly) crack overwhelm, you’ve got to examine three pieces: feelings, belief systems, and self-talk. Shift those pieces, and life feels amazing, no matter what’s on your to-do list.

Imagine starting every week…taking a breath.
Getting focused.
Knowing what is a priority (and what isn’t).
Able to let go.
Not buying into the guilt, the stress, the shoulds, the perfectionism of trying to get it alllll done.

This is possible when you shift your feelings, belief systems, and self-talk around overwhelm.


Our course addresses four critical areas:

#1: Plug the internal energy leaks + get unstuck from internal critical voices and pressure.
#2: Plug the external energy leaks + create a to-do list that reflects a life you LOVE.
#3: Clear out the stuff that’s built up + liberate yourself from old mental clutter.
#4: Create a new system + see lasting change.


More Course Details

Calls: Mondays, February 29, March 7, 15, 21st. 1pm Pacific time. Call recordings are available if you need to miss a call.

Time commitment: Weekly calls, and fifteen minutes daily checking in with our group. We believe that it takes commitment to shift old habits surrounding overwhelm, and invite you to see this as intensive but life-changing work.

Included: Live group coaching calls, audio lessons and worksheets including the complete Breathing Space Circle curriculum to keep after the course has completed, and the private group support forum.

Cost: $300. Click the button to register, and you’ll immediately receive our bonus pre-session audio.

“Participating in this process, “hearing” other people’s experiences and sharing my own has been really positive. I’d say that taking time to focus on overwhelm by signing up for this course has been a very good thing for me to do for myself. I’ve known for a long time that I can have stress responses that are far more heightened than they need to be – and your teaching, Kate, and the process that happened in the group has really helped me gain greater clarity and make some real changes – and I’m really happy about it!”
“I am better able to let go of expectation around what I take on each day and what I set out to accomplish. I am able to recognize the things that are contributing to overwhelm and better equipped to move through it.”
“Kate, you did a wonderful job of providing us with great support around saying ‘no’ and creating space and time to think about our responses before we automatically said ‘yes.’ It was helpful to have a dialogue around what the inner critic says…and being able to practice that in a group was fantastic!”

Ready to begin?

The only person who can change the experience of stress and overwhelm? You. We believe that there’s something more that’s possible when busy people unhook from overwhelm and start aligning their priorities, from within.