I just had to share this quote from my homeboy, Carl Rogers (I’ve previously written about him, and how the most courageous choice we will make is to decide to trust and love and accept ourselves).

“Perhaps I can discover and come closer to more of what I really am deep inside–feeling sometimes angry or terrified, sometimes loving and caring, occasionally beautiful and strong or wild and awful–without hiding these feelings from myself. Perhaps I can come to prize myself as the richly varied person I am. Perhaps I can openly be more of this person. If so, I can live by my own experienced values, even though I am aware of all of society’s codes. Then I can let myself be all this complexity of feelings and meaning and values with my partner–be free enough to give of love and anger and tenderness as they exist in me. Possibly then I can be a real member of a partnership, because I am on the road to being a real person. And I am hopeful that I can encourage my partner to follow his or her own road to a unique personhood, which I would love to share.” –Carl Rogers