An Interview With Cheri Huber

  I first became a Cheri Huber devotee when I learned about the book There is Nothing Wrong With You. While I get that the title might initially strike some as a Stuart Smalley skit, this book is no joke. You want to know why those inner critic voices pop up? This is the book […]

An Interview With Brenè Brown

(Want the full interview, plus interviews with ten other experts on courage? Check out The Courageous Living program).   Dr. Brene Brown is a noted expert on shame, love, and vulnerability. A graduate school professor, a best-selling author, a speaker, a TED-talk phenomenon, and a collaborator with none other than Oprah Winfrey, I was beyond […]

Your Life Vision

A Life Vision is a sentence or two that expresses the deepest desire for your life. It’s the thing that would have you jazzed to get out of bed in the morning. It’s the thing that you might think of when you’re in the midst of a difficult situation: “Is my reaction to this supporting […]