how to set goals

So, you want to set goals—but you’ve done that before, and it hasn’t gone so well? Lovely. I know this terrain, and I’ve got a few things to say about how to set goals that you actually follow through on, and that feel good. But first? When it comes to goals, as it comes to […]

what I learned from my worst leadership mistake

We start online businesses, in part, because we want to throw out the rule book. We’re sick of policies, dress codes, and memos. We’re tired of someone who isn’t even on the front lines, most of the time, dictating how we’re supposed to be doing things on a daily basis. We start working for ourselves […]

your most courageous self awaits

I’ve been working on something, behind the scenes…a book. The title came to me in a flash, one day, and I wrote it down on a post-it note that would live on my computer for several months. Your Most Courageous Self: the definitive guide to unparalleled bad-assery. I didn’t want to write a new program […]