your time is limited. stop settling.

“Well…this is what I have to work with,” I’d think, followed by a heavy sigh. Money, friends, jobs, time–not enough, it doesn’t feel quite right, but…this is what I have to work with. Whaddyagonnado? This is…it. Another heavy sigh. Life had a lot heavy sighs, delivered daily. Now, from a purely pragmatic perspective, we need […]

the truth about life coaching

Here is the truth about life coaching : Great coaching is art. It’s like painting, writing, dance. It’s intuitive, fluid, creative, adhering to a structure, yet leaving room for the un-contained. The boundaries of it are difficult to articulate; when I’m in session with a client I feel into the edges on a somatic level, […]

Not getting what you want? Good!

“The people who really care about you will go the extra mile for you.” This is popular self-help dogma. And, it’s not true. In my twenties, I ruined at least three friendships because I believed that someone who cared about me should show up for me in a very exacting, certain way. They would essentially […]