The fear that you’re not good enough

One of the biggest things that I work on with clients, and something that we even devote time to during our life coach training program, is this: the fear that you’re not good enough. The fear that you’re not good enough affects everyone, though it shows up differently for each person (for some of you, […]

the betrayal of the light

I kept hearing them: stories of betrayal. Sometimes, it was something a friend of mine was going through, and other times it was hearing what happened to so-and-so’s friend, so-and-so. But every time, it was the same thing: As someone started to step into more personal power, more success, more light, a close friend–the person […]

how to forgive

Learning how to forgive is tough–but important–work to do. We need to learn how to forgive because holding resentment creates tension and stress for us, not to mention less joy. Watch this video to start the path towards learning how to forgive: 1. Learn how to get deeper into what it means to forgive. 2. […]