Access your courage; access the body

Most people approach facing their fears as though it’s something they can logic their way through. They think things such as, “If I make a list of all the reasons why failure is unlikely, then I won’t be afraid, anymore!” But fear doesn’t work that way. Fear isn’t logical; it’s primal. I’m not just talking […]

how to create better habits

When people talk about how to create better habits , I think they’re really meaning: how can I stop doing the stuff that doesn’t really make my life better, and start doing the things that DO make my life better? And how can I make that regular and consistent? To create better habits , you’ve […]

How to create courageous habits

Confession: for the past year, I’ve been totally geeking out on habit-formation. And seriously, you want to read this, because what I’ve learned about habit-formation and how we create courageous habits ? The realizations have been game-changers in my life. When we think of habit-formation, we usually think of how to stop doing something that […]