try something new: appreciations

A few years ago, I began a practice that would radically alter my life: appreciations. I stopped assuming that people in my life knew how I felt about them. I stopped assuming that someone knew that I valued their time, their work, their input. I stopped assuming that...

life is my biggest teacher

I looked around and had this moment where I got that Life was my biggest teacher, that every single experience of my day was there, waiting to see when I am going to wake up and see it fully, turn it over, get the lesson. Beautiful.

the mondo beyondo list

Written August, 2009–shortly before I made the decision to go from part-time to full-time coaching. I most desire to help other women who are, in so many ways, “just like me,” or who at least occupy the space that I used to occupy 24:7. Women who are...

how to create an adventure bag

A little ditty that I put together for my friend Sven, and now, for all of you: How to Create your Own Adventure Bag I hope your weekend is full of adventures!