Stop waiting to feel inspired (or motivated)

(Here’s an excerpt from my book, Your Most Courageous Self: the definitive guide to unparalleled bad-assery. Your Courageous Life email subscribers will get access to the audio of the introduction. Sign up, here: Good gravy, the number of times someone has told me that don’t follow through with things, because they get excited but…then […]

bari tessler art of money

In this interview with Bari Tessler, author of The Art of Money, we discuss: – How body-based practices can deepen your connection to money – Why you’re not alone with the “stuff” that comes up around money – When you know you want to change your money issues, but aren’t sure how, here’s where you […]

The truth about caring what others think

Truth? I care about what others think and it’s my preference to be liked. I don’t need that approval to validate who I am, nor do I need it 100% of the time, but if I’m honest (and we might as well be) I like to be liked, and guess what? So do you. Why […]