The odds are that you’ll survive rejection (so don’t be too afraid to ask)

Back in 2010, when I decided that I would create the Courageous Living Program, I went over to my book shelf and quietly took every book from every personal growth writer I’d ever loved off of the shelf. These were the books that had meant the world to me. Changed me. Given me the inspiration […]

Seeing how far you’ve come

I have a book coming out, spring 2018. Let me say that, again: I have a book coming out, spring 2018. I’ll leave it to everyone else who has a book coming out to be too cool to cop to feeling some mixture of excited, intimidated, and WTF. (Me? I’m a “WTF is this really […]

how to change your life

I was thinking about this question of how to change your life when I ran across this quote: “Resistance to change is a natural part of the human condition. We all want progress, but we don’t like change, especially change imposed from the outside. No matter how crushing our problems, we generally prefer them to […]