Outrunning despair

I was staring at the news. Hurricanes on top of hurricanes. Politicians ending dreams. Fires on top of fires. I thought of my home and imagined how it would feel if everything I owned was sitting in four feet of water. Or if I’d been separated from my family and didn’t know where they were. […]

how to know when to quit something

In 2016, I trained for and completed my first half-Ironman triathlon, which entailed 1.2 miles of swimming immediately followed by 56 miles of biking immediately followed by a half-marathon (13.1 miles of running). I did all of this while running our life coach certification program (and all the other parts of my business), parenting, marriage-ing […]

hiding out from your life

There were all of the good things, lined up neatly in rows: There was my husband, Italian and creative and endlessly compassionate—when I think of him, I often think, “he is a beautiful human being”—and our delicious, healthy, fresh baby girl. There was my self-made business that had, some months, grossed more in a month […]