The courage to take a stand

When I took place in one of the many sister marches going on around the country to demonstrate against a Trump presidency/cabinet, I reconnected to something that I hadn’t felt since before election day, 2016: maybe all hope was not lost. I connected to the courage to take a stand. I’ve been angry with myself, […]

Life? Not easy. So cut yourself a break.

If you were to review my entire website, all the entries, you’d see over time an expansion-contraction, in-breath-out-breath between the deepest permission to completely let yourself off of the hook with forgiveness and compassion without conditions, and an exhortation to cut the shit and push harder—because after all, this is your life, and it wasn’t […]

know your why

In my 20s I had the habit of “making changes.” I’d decide on some self-improvement kind of a project: organize the closet, eat nothing but macronutrients, yoga and meditation every day, 30 days of XYZ Online Course, hitting up the self-help aisle at the bookstore to see what was new. I’d get my groove on […]