how to change your life

I was thinking about this question of how to change your life when I ran across this quote: “Resistance to change is a natural part of the human condition. We all want progress, but we don’t like change, especially change imposed from the outside. No matter how crushing our problems, we generally prefer them to […]

laura simms your career homecoming

In this interview with Laura Simms, creator of the Purpose Paradigm and Your Career Homecoming, we talk about – why finding a new career can feel so difficult, – how to bring courage and meaning to the process – getting underneath your career change fears – what to do when you have “too many interests” […]

devotion is the doorway

There’s a part of me that is gleeful in sharing with the trainees in our life coach certification that I spent something like two years working with my own coach, Matthew, being resistant. I argued with my coach. I paid money to come to sessions and then didn’t do any of the work that he […]

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