how to be a better person

For far too long, I was mostly consumed with how to “be a better person.” It was what I would have said to you if you sat with me for a long time over steaming cups of tea and we peeled back the layers, one after another: I just want to be a better person. […]

30 days (of not drinking)

As of writing this post, it’s been a full 30 days of not drinking alcohol. And before that, it had been nearly 3 years since I’d gone 30 days without a drink of alcohol, which is how I knew that something was up with how I was using alcohol and that I needed to examine […]

Letting things go

Every time another email came in from a lawyer, I’d read it and kind of shake my head. Really? Seriously? This is…this is so…crazy. Then I’d read it, again. Sometimes there were outright lies, other times just a manipulation of facts. Someone was throwing down some nonsense, in the name of…competition? Or something? I wasn’t […]