how to deal with stress

Y’all. I got a book deal. The day that my editor called and said, “We want to buy your book!” I was feeling like this: And then, quite suddenly, things were moving quickly. – Contract for my attorney to review and for me to sign. – First few chapters due (already? Yes. Already). – New […]

15 ways to be the happiest person you know

1. Break up routines. Take a different route to drop the kids off, order a different drink at the coffee shop, buy one book from a different section of the bookstore. 2. Build sabbaticals into your life. A day, an hour, a week, whatever your life will accommodate. And if you’re a mom (like me), […]

what are you denying?

Here’s what I missed out on when I spent all those years choosing not to forgive and let go, choosing to hold on to resentment. I missed how funny my mother is–hilarious, really. How she can come up with a perfectly timed comment that, reflected on years later, can still make me laugh. By focusing […]