when you don’t know what to do

The good news: people are waking up, looking beyond their own bubbles, and seeing the world’s problems. The bad news: people don’t know what to do . It’s hard to admit that we don’t know what to do , to solve the world’s problems—not in any absolute sense. And personally, we don’t know what to […]

courage habit : Create community

Here’s an excerpt from my forthcoming book, The Courage Habit. This excerpt discusses the four part of the Courage Habit process: how to create community. To truly live courageous lives, we need other like-minded people around us who are also trying to honor the values of courage. Why do we need this? First, creating courageous […]

how to deal with stress

Y’all. I got a book deal. The day that my editor called and said, “We want to buy your book!” I was feeling like this: And then, quite suddenly, things were moving quickly. – Contract for my attorney to review and for me to sign. – First few chapters due (already? Yes. Already). – New […]