I first became a Cheri Huber devotee when I learned about the book There is Nothing Wrong With You. While I get that the title might initially strike some as a Stuart Smalley skit, this book is no joke. You want to know why those inner critic voices pop up? This is the book for you. It’s amazing. This is one of those books that, for me, is a “before and after” book. As in: I was one way before reading it, and it totally flipped my life inside out so that I was another way, after.

Cheri has written several other books, and the one I was most interested in for the purposes of our interview was her book Be the Person You Want To Find.┬áIf you’ve ever found yourself navigating the wily roads or relationships, this is a book that makes sense out of what is seemingly nonsensical! She starts the book by turning questions around completely, going from “How can we understand each other better?” to “How can I understand myself better so that I can take responsibility for my ‘stuff’ and be more open to my partner?”

That’s powerful.

When Cheri agreed to an interview, I did the happy dance in my office. Then the day of our interview came, and my work was clear: to get present. To be fully present to this moment where I got to interview one of my personal heroes, someone who has written a book that is immensely important to me. I have to admit that I was nervous for this interview in a way that I haven’t been nervous for others, and I was navigating this line where I didn’t want to play it cool as a response to nervousness and yet I didn’t want to completely and totally lose it.

How often in life do we get to do that? I don’t know how often it’ll be for me, but I wasn’t going to skimp on the opportunity. So I danced to “Whip it!” in my office right before the interview to burn off adrenaline. Then I told Cheri that I did this before we started recording our call, and she laughed. Then she told me that she would probably have chosen something by Tina Turner. (Doesn’t this make you like her, already?). A Zen Buddhist monk in black robes rocking out to Tina Turner? This, I would like to see.

I’m sharing a slice of our interview with you. The entire interview is included in The Courageous Living Program.

You can learn more about Cheri Huber’s podcast, here: http://www.openairwithcherihuber.org/podcast