Perhaps you’re new to the online world–so let me introduce you to Chris Guillebeau, who’s known for writing The Art of Non-Conformity blog as well as a book by the same title. He’s the creator of the World Domination Summit, a contributor to The Courageous Living Guide,

chris guillebeau,–and most importantly, today at least, the author of a new book: The $100 Startup.

A few reasons why this interview is worth listening to:

  1. 1.) Chris has built a massive social media following (as of this post, his twitter following is about to hit the 76,000 mark) and that’s because he delivers value–and in this interview, he talks about finding convergence between passion and value;
  2. 2.) Feel like you’re marketing to “everyone”? Then listen up–the people who are interested in Chris don’t follow a traditional demographic–they come from all walks of life, which is why we need to talk psychographics, not just demographics;
  3. 3.) He’s often referred to as the “gentleman of the internet,” and for good reason–he’s interested in doing business with integrity, and that makes all the difference in the world–which is something I allude to with this whole “great launches are like great sex” metaphor that had us laughing during this interview.

Grab your notebook and a pen and paper, and listen up–the information here is valuable. After that? Click here to learn more.