For The Courageous Living Program, I wanted to interview people who didn’t just talk the talk–they also walked the walk. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell who is who, and which is which.

One of the things I appreciate most about Chris is that the work he’s doing in the world isn’t about becoming the next big Pro-Blogger so that he can sit back and throw around the snarck about how hawt he and his ideas are.

If you check out his work, you’ll see that his message is simple and clear: dream big, and then actually follow up by doing something, and when you’re dreaming, don’t forget–you’re part of a human community.

There’s more to life than Twitter followers.

The above interview is a short snippet of our larger conversation about living powerfully (which, naturally, involves courage and managing fear). To get the whole conversation, head over to The Courageous Living Guide.