The Courage Habit has started to arrive in mailboxes all over the place, and I’m so (so!) excited to see people starting to use the #CourageHabit hashtag on social media, and share photos of themselves with their books, and even talk about Courage Habit book clubs.

The fourth part of The Courage Habit process is to reach out and create community–which is why we made sure to include a group reading guide with questions and prompts at the back of the book.

I’ll also be going on tour: click here to see the Courage Habit book tour and whether or not I’ll be in your city!

I’ve also reached out to connect with a number of Courage Habit Ambassadors (the acronym being “CHA” which always makes me think, “CHA-CHA-CHA!” and want to dance).

Here they are!

Denver/Boulder, CO:

Boston, MA:

Philadelphia, PA:

Des Moines, IA:

Dallas/Fort-Worth, Texas:

Phoenix, AZ:

Seattle, WA:

We will be sure to add to this list as more cities and locations are identified! Want to learn more about events local to you? Be sure to join the Courage Habit group on Facebook.