Courage Habit Materials

Hey you!
I’m so thrilled that you’ve either ordered The Courage Habit for use with these materials, or that you’d like to give it a go to use these materials even without the book (that’s right; this page is available to everyone and these materials are totally available, free, for your personal growth and individual use).




We’ve got all of your worksheets, bundled together into one slick PDF. Download and enjoy!



Please note (oy!) that use of these materials in any context other than for your individual personal growth isn’t allowed, without permission. Also, The Courage Habit® is a Registered Trademark–so if you’re a service provider of any kind, you’re more than welcome to suggest that your clients visit this page or get The Courage Habit book, but it’s not okay to use these materials for your own courses or client work, to re-sell them, stuff like that. This isn’t the fullest explanation of the limits for how these materials can be used, so if in doubt? Check it out–with us.