kate swoboda interviews

Kate Swoboda Interviews

I’m Kate Swoboda (aka, “Kate Courageous”). I love talking with podcast hosts and audiences about how to create more courageous lives, starting with creating more courageous habits.


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A few things we could talk about…

–The four part “Courage Habit” process and how the neuropsychology of habit-formation works, including how it can be applied in business and marketing, health and wellness, relationships and dating, to parenting, social change movements, women’s leadership, and more.

–Learning specific, research-backed strategies for working with feelings of fear and self-doubt, to create happier, more meaningful ways of living.

–New perspectives on why “fearless” doesn’t really exist, and how striving to become fearless only fuels perfectionism and stress—there’s a far more effective approach to working with feelings of fear and self-doubt, and your audience can learn how to identify the habits that don’t work, and create better habits that are more effective.


Other Courageous Living Topics

  • How to practice courage and make it a habit.
  • Clarifying what truly matters to you, and prioritizing it.
  • Ways to practice what I call “courageous wellness” in health and fitness (side note: I’m a triathlete and yoga devotee!)
  • How to lead a courageous life, even if you aren’t doing anything big or flashy like jumping out of airplanes or traveling the world.
  • My top marketing tips for how coaches can create successful and fulfilling practices–everything from marketing to launching to workflow management, done your way, with integrity.
  • Improving relationships with family or intimate partners through better communication.



I’ve been a life coach for more than a decade, and I teach people the research-backed steps to make courageousness a lifelong habit. Through creating better habits, people stop doubting themselves, and start practicing courage as they go after what matters to them, most.

I don’t teach people how to “become fearless” (Why? “Fearless” people don’t exist). Practicing courage doesn’t mean getting rid of fear or doubt. Fear is a normal part of the process of trying something new, and practicing the courage habit is more effective than trying to out-run feelings of fear or self-doubt.

I’m frequently asked…

  • Tell us about your own journey. How did you identify “courage” as being central to your work?
  • How do you define courage?
  • Your work is rooted in the idea that there is no such thing as becoming “fearless.” How is becoming “fearless” related to perfectionism?
  • Usually, when people think of habits, they think of things such as starting a regular exercise program. They don’t usually think of traits, like courage. How can courage become a lifelong habit?
  • As it applies to ________[your audience’s hot topic], how might someone apply the four-part “courage habit” process?


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