So here’s what’s really trippy about doing what I do now–years ago, I was reading books written by SARK (remember when I wrote about eating mangoes?) and at that time, I never would have imagined in a million years that one day, I’d be interviewing her about her latest book after having started my own business.

Trippy, yeah? I hope this little tidbit inspires you to wonder: What might I think, currently, is something I could never do in a million years…that I might actually find myself doing in the future?

SARK and I had a phone interview (which I’m including as part of The Courageous Living Program), in which I was burning to know her take on this question: What do you do about the backlash that can happen when people start to get happy?

I personally spent many years of my life feeling stuck in a sort of ongoing depression/anhedonia, and then when I finally had climbed out of this sort of a place, I was astonished to realize how much snarck there was around happiness. What had I been doing all of these years, trying to get to a place where I was happy…if only to find there was a whole other crew of people who were “too cool” to be happy, to risk being Glad No Matter What?

I appreciated her answer–a powerful declaration of stepping into who she is and claiming her life, which is such an essential part of Courageous Living–and I wanted to share a clip of our interview, here. I hope you enjoy it, and enjoy Glad No Matter What!