My recent post on online cliques generated a rich discussion.

I wrote it because I sensed that there was a real mis-perception about the nature of collaborative marketing models online, and that unnecessary–that’s right, unnecessary–suffering was happening any time someone bought into their Stories about what was going on.

Do I think there are smarmy people, online? Sure. Do I think that most of the people that I run across fall into that cateogry? Nope. Most people are just like you–they have a passion for something, a deep desire, and they want to do what they can to do the work that they love, and get paid for it. They sincerely wish to learn how to do it with integrity.

Danielle mentioned to me that she had read my post, and from there we talked about expanding the conversation and making it all more transparent. While certainly my perspective is one thing–but what’s it like to be, well…her? What’s it like to navigate the online world of cliques and groups when you have 39,000+ Twitter followers and who knows how many more people vying for your attention via email, at conferences, and more?


More than anything, this is a conversation with heart.

If you truly have an interest in seeing and understanding what it takes to navigate online cliques, set up professional boundaries, get the attention of A-listers, and learn how strategic collaborative networks work best (and when they don’t work, period!), then watch this interview.

Grab a mug of tea and a notebook. Scribble away.

When you’re done, ask yourself how you can rise to the call to create the kind of collaborative marketing that makes your business beautiful, without subverting your integrity. Really use this video interview as a jumping off point for creating a plan to shine bright, on your own terms.



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