Danielle and I did our first interview when she was just launching the digital version of the Fire Starter Sessions (which is now available in print).

She said something during that interview that I loved: “Truth never attacks.” I wrote it down on a post-it note afterwards that is still on my computer. As I continued to follow her work, I found myself resonating most deeply with anything that had a sacred, or spiritual nature, in her writing. I like it when people talk about spirit in a way that doesn’t make me cringe–because like most of us–I want to be more connected, not disconnected.

So I contacted Danielle about doing an interview for The Courageous Living Guideon the topic of Luck, Synchronicity and Magical Thinking.

I love the fact that in interviewing people I admire, I get to learn a bit about them…and even get some insight into some things that I myself struggle with. So enjoy the wisdom she shares here, or check out the Fire Starter Sessions to get deep into the work that speaks to your heart.