dealing with disappointment

Need some help dealing with disappointment? That’s the subject of today’s podcast episode. When you’ve really wanted the big dream, and you’re dealing with disappointment because things didn’t go as you’d hoped, it’s important to avoid going into a space of avoiding your disappointment. Today’s podcast episode lays out the essential pieces of processing feelings of disappointment.

  • When you’re dealing with disappointment, you’ve got to feel your honest feelings. Trying to bypass them will only make them churn beneath the surface.
  • You are allowed to give yourself time when you’re dealing with disappointment, rather than thinking you need to be farther along or more evolved. Trying to be too smart to process disappointment is a form of putting on armor in order to not feel vulnerable.
  • What if things not going as planned…worked out even better, in the long run? That’s a powerful reframe to consider when you’re grappling with disappointment.