It’s the tight pull of tension as you suck your breath in, near the diaphragm–someone has just handed you something else that you need to do. More on the list.

Or perhaps you just realized you forgot something. Or perhaps you’re keeping pace with everything that you want to squeeze out of this life, but you’re feeling…well, squeezed. Or perhaps you’re realizing that you’ve worked hard to get where you’re at, and you’re not happy, and you’re wondering why–what do you let go of? How do you choose? You’re looking around asking yourself if this is really what happiness is supposed to look like.

I’m really interested in “overwhelm,” that particular brand of stress that I see amongst intelligent, high-achieving women who are just-this-side of keeping it together, but always dangerously tottering close to the line of dropping-the-ball.

(Note: I know this feeling, intimately.)


Coming soon

In the future, I’ll be leading an e-circle looking at overwhelm: what it is, why it is, how we work with it, what comes up for us, how to work with the obligations and responsibilities, how to bring in the joy, and most importantly (always!) look at what gets in the way, what gets us stuck, what pushes us just past the point of no return where we’ve taken on yet. another. thing.

I’d love it if you wanted to participate. This group will be focused not just on support, but on finding pro-active ways to actually transform old patterns, and find real solutions to the challenges of being overloaded and overworked.

If you’re interested in participating in a group like this, keep reading.

A few important notes:

  • This is not going to be a “time management” group. This group will be focused on looking for ways to release feelings of overwhelm, not cram more stuff into the day with ever-more strategies.
  • The group will be conducted via phone, via conference calls. Dates and times TBD, based on group availability.
  • This isn’t a therapy group–there won’t be any diagnosis or attempts at interventions!
  • The group is limited to a maximum of six people.

If you’re interested, please head to and sign up for the announcement list. You’ll only be given updates on when the group is available, and how to get involved–no weekly letters or the like.

I’m excited by the prospect of meeting you and sharing with you!