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Coming to the San Francisco Bay Area:
Desire Map live workshops.



It’s a courageous choice, to let desire lead the way. You might find yourself doing life differently, breathing deeper, feeling shaky around the risk and then relieved and grateful that you took it. Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map book and program lead the way–now let’s get together. You’ll be among the first to experience the Desire Map LEVEL TWO workshop.

How do you want to feel when you’re shining from the places within that are most bold, powerful, and courageous?


THE DESIRE MAP WORKSHOP – LEVEL 2 takes us to the next step–you’ve clarified your Core Desired Feelings, and now you’re ready to use powerful awareness to guide your choices. No more “talking about” it–time for action.

  • You will make some soul-anchored declarations and attach them to some every day PLANS. Poetic to the practical.
  • identify old goal-setting patterns that don’t serve you
  • create goals (or intentions, or wishes) that are aligned with your core desired feelings
  • build your “saying no” capacity, so that you can make space for what you truly desire
  • map out a plan for how you’ll stay aligned to your core desired feelings in all the major life areas

Desire Map: San Francisco

Limited to 20 people (women only, this time).

Update: We have 3 spots remaining!

Who’s this for?

Anyone who’s looking to up-level the courage in their lives, connect with other like-minded locals (and anyone who decides to take a vacay in the San Francisco area), and dive deep into desire. You know your Core Desired Feelings; now you want to really live them, without getting hooked into the trap of endless, numbing goal-orientation.

This is work that opens you to a greater, more expansive vision of what’s possible. Desire Mapping is a great refresher for life transitions, the changing of the seasons, and preparing for the new year.



“I’ve never done any Desire Mapping, before. Will you go over the basics?” You’ll need to be familiar with the Desire Map process, either through having worked through the Desire Map book and solidified your Core Desired Feelings, or through having attended a Level 1 Desire Map workshop.

“I’ve worked through the Desire Map, before, but I really love the idea of doing it with a group.” Perfect! We’d love to have you as you go even deeper.

“I’d like to stay overnight at the hotel. Can you book me a room?” I can’t book you a room, but if you contact the Hilton San Francisco at 333 O’Farrell Street, they can get you going.

“I want to fly into San Francisco to attend. Which airport should I choose?” SFO, San Francisco International Airport, will have the best public transit options. Our workshop location is right in the heart of San Francisco. If you elect to drive in, the Hilton San Francisco has paid valet parking in their garage.

“What should I bring?” I’ll be emailing all participants prior to the workshop with a list of what to bring. It’ll be super-simple, though–dress comfortably (maybe let how you want to feel lead the way with your wardrobe options), bring something with which to write if journaling is your thing, and your copy of the Desire Map book or workbook.

“I can’t attend, this round. Will there be another workshop this year?” This is the only Level 2 workshop that I’ll be offering, this year.


How do I register?

Click the link below, complete registration, and you’ll immediately get a welcome email with more information.

Click here to register for Desire Map, Level 2, on February 28th!


About Kate.

I love the Desire Map process. My own Core Desired Feelings (CDFs): Sacred connection, freedom, powerful, affluent, sensuous delight.

When you align with your CDFs, your decisions become more potent and your sense of being grounded in who you truly are, more palpable. I’m so honored to be bringing this work to a live, in-person tribe. Let’s get started!