Fear is not the problem. I repeat: Fear is not the problem.

Fear is not the problem because fear is not “keeping you” from anything. You are keeping yourself from something whenever you aren’t willing to make a choice, despite the fear.

“Fearless” doesn’t work (though of course, you’re always welcome to continue trying). With the coaching explosion has also come the sales pages promising to help you “live fearlessly.”

Fear-less-ly (with less fear) I can see and support. But to be without fear, ever, entirely? I don’t buy it. Fear is the first thing that shows up when we are confronted with something new, something for which we have no context.

To strive for a life that is devoid of fear strikes me as a tragic waste of time, especially since being with our fear can bring so many gifts.

Yes, gifts–if you rock fear like a ninja, fear will bring you the gifts of acuity, of sharpness, of getting incredibly dialed-in and present.

The more you practice “being with” your fear, instead of hating it, the more you transform the experience of it in your life.

With practice, the day will come when fear will rise up and you’ll see it and feel it and the discomfort of it will wash over you–but you won’t even hesitate to do what you know needs to be done.