Who are you, today? What has your growth and healing taught you? No one gets through life without experiencing painful things. That’s the no-b.s. truth. But the people who are happiest tend to look at their lives and “re-frame,” or, as I say it, “add the gold.” They look for how the tough circumstances that they walked through created a survivor. They ask themselves what they learned after a big disappointment. I’d never suggest that someone rush straight into this process. We need legitimate time to heal from old wounds. But growth and healing work best when we go back and decide that our past does not define what’s possible for us, moving forward.

1. Create more perspective around a life event and discover how you might reframe it
2. Stop stressing about what’s happened in the past, and start asking yourself how it has shaped you into the person you are today.
3. Learn how to claim all parts of your life.