handling difficult situations

As I recorded this episode, the Sonoma County fires of 2019 were happening (literally) and I live in Sonoma County, approximately 20 miles from the initial origin of the fires. I wanted to share an episode on using challenging circumstances such as these fires and how they have impacted myself and my community, to highlight ways of handling difficult situations.

We can’t control all of the circumstances of our lives. Amid difficulty, the invitation before us is to work with what’s there, make better what we can, and accept the rest. When we do this, we step into greater empowerment. We also stop waiting to go after our deepest dreams, understanding that no matter what we wish to create in our lives, the challenges that arise are not reasons to stop. The challenges that arise are our invitations to grow, expand, and step into something even bigger.

Tools covered include:

  • Start amid imperfect circumstances, since the circumstances will never be perfect.
  • Feel your feelings regularly–that’s how you avoid having them back up on you when things are challenging.
  • Use proportion to bring a more holistic picture to how you handle difficult situations.