(Video sneak-peek from Courageous Living Program)

Working on the Courageous Living Program has been nothing short of epic.

So, in case you’re curious–many of you email me sharing about your desires to write e-books, create an e-program , launch retreats, and run e-courses–I’ll share with you what the process has been like of creating the Courageous Living Program.

Create an E-Course : The words

How did I get the writing done? At the library, armed with chai and lattes (my library has a little area where drinks are allowed). Also, I type fast. I don’t have a regular, daily writing schedule. I write when I have time, and when I don’t feel I have a lot of time, I make the time–for me, this has meant practicing saying “no” on a few things that I knew I wanted to be involved in, and working long hours.

Any year I’ve created a e-course or program, I have not won the “self-care” awards. Self-care has been a constant reminder, because, as a Sagittarius with three planets in Virgo, when it comes to getting things done, I can be like a machine.

I use Pages to write my content (yes, I am a Mac person and have a healthy distaste for Microsoft products). Pages is awkward if you’ve spent a lifetime with the MS Word setup, but once you figure out a few strings, it’s fine.

Create an E-Course : The concepts

Everything I needed to know to create an e-course or program, I learned from lesson planning semesters as an English professor. First, I would look at the broad concepts of the semester, usually under some kind of a theme, then I’d start writing down questions and topics, like, “What do people need to know about ___?” Then I would start seeing chunks that would come together.

For instance, when writing about cultivating more courageous power in your life, it was clear to me that first I needed to start with defining power and getting my reader into the spirit–making space, even for the places where “power” might be viewed through a negative lens.

Then I needed to get into where we block ourselves from living powerfully. Then I needed to introduce tools–actual, practical, “do ’em right now” heart-centered yet practical tools–for diving right in. And then, the most powerful section/aspect of all–trusting your own inner wisdom (that’s powerful!).

If you’re sitting down to create an e-course program or workshop, this is the phase of the creation process where I believe one needs to have the clearest vision.

I know that many of you have some piece of paper, some notebook tucked in a drawer, some place where you were deeply inspired and rushed to write it down before you could forget it–that’s the piece of paper you want to dig out before you take another step. Before I ever wrote my first e-course–before I had ever even heard of an e-course as a concept!–I had had this idea for doing small women’s coaching circles. I wrote down my ideas for what I wanted the circles to cover on a piece of paper that I transferred from box to cabinet to filing system over the course of a few years before I ever acted on it.

Whatever you wrote down was an inspired moment. Why not act?

Create an e-course: Videos

I call the Courageous Living Program a “program” for a specific reason: it’s not just a book. It’s pro-active; you’re challenged to start with the material through prompts, exercises, insights, challenges.

Part of that is nurtured through the videos included with the course, which I hope to be like a call to action that gets you to go deeper. Think e-program meets video seminar. The biggest feedback about the videos is that they’re as if I were speaking to someone, conversationally. They were the part of my courses that always received praise.

What would you need to make the videos?

I’ve use a standard Canon PowerShot as well as my computer’s camera. I use iMovie to edit. Then I use Wistia to host my videos.

How do you get the videos onto a website?

Wistia provides you with the embedding code, so all you need to do is copy/paste into WordPress.

What’s really important if you create an e-course

What’s really important is that you start, that you try. I even vote that you try throwing some freebies to the wind before you start charging for your other services. Nothing beats having some experience, and you’d probably prefer to get the kinks worked out before you start charging.

Nonetheless, what is important is that you start formulating your ideas, flexing those courage muscles. Leaning into that fear (because no one gets a free pass on that) is a bigger gift. The outcome of creating an e-program or course is second.