I know, I know–digital sabbaticals have that whole ring of the “internet hipster scene” about them, sort of like minimalism did back in 2010.

Nonetheless, when I took a 30-day digital sabbatical earlier this year, it was exactly what I (and my business) needed.

I needed the time and space to breathe, to get a full vacation from everything that I had going on.

I’m planning digital sabbaticals of shorter duration (you don’t need to do 30 days, after all–you can start with just a day, a weekend, or one week).

In this video, I share what I’ve found helpful when taking a digital sabbatical.

Yes, some people are going to complain, and that’s fine. It’s possible to take a digital sabbatical with integrity. It can also be a great practice in trusting that we are all adults, and that everyone is going to live, at the end of the day.

Sometimes we need to say “no” to others, in order to say “yes” to ourselves.

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